Hackspace Manchester @ Maker Faire UK

HACMan stand @ MakerFaire UK 2014

HACMan stand @ MakerFaire UK 2014

Last weekend a contingent of Hackspace members went to the UK Maker Faire to show off things that have been made in the space.

We had (from left to right)

  • The Cog Clock [Bob]
  • 3D Printed Quadcopter [Bob]
  • CrossStitch Cat [Steph]
  • Giant Magic 8 Ball [Tom]
  • Arduino Robot [Alex]
  • Infinity Mirror [Alex]
  • Knock Clock [Alex]
  • LED Sign [Tom]
  • Crochet Rose [Steph]
  • Word Clock [Bob + Kimball]
  • R2 Micromouse Robot [Bob]
  • PiSpy Robot [Bob]
  • HACMAN Banner [Steph]
  • Inglenook Sidings Shunting Puzzle [Kimball + Steph + Bob]
  • Ping-Pong Ball Collecting Robot [Will]

It was as ever a tiring, but fun weekend,  and set us up perfectly for the Manchester Maker Faire in July


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