Adventures in Laser Cutting – Book Safes

Like all men who have yet to grow up, I fancy myself as James Bond. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved spycraft, and all the gadgets and covert thingums which go with the job. I’m not talking about real spies here, of course, I’m talking about movie spies.

One of the things which I liked as a kid were book safes – those hollowed out books which allowed you to hide your naughty secrets, like blackmail-worthy photos of senior royals in compromising positions, or sweeties. I’ve made a few of these in the past, which all worked fine, but were a bit of a hack.

Recently I saw a few nice big books in a charity shop. I bought them so that I could attempt to do a proper job of making book safes. You can never have enough book safes. Unless all your books are book safes – most people would probably consider that too many.

Anyway, after taking them to the hackspace, it was suggested that it would be hilarious to laser-cut a gun-shaped cavity into a book. Bob found a nice SVG gun on the interweb, and so TO THE LASER-CUTTER!!!

*cue James Bond theme*

The first problem we had was that the book (Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy, book fans) was too thick to cut through with a laser, so we’d have to split it into smaller sections. Already our brilliant plan was falling apart. We tore the book into 3mm thick parts.

We started off with the laser on a low setting, and the first pass managed to cut through 2 sheets of paper. More power was needed. After a bumpy start, we realised that we had a bigger problem. Specifically: using a laser to cut through a book is a really stupid idea.


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