New Robot – Chassis Printed

wpid-IMG_20131204_220848.jpg wpid-IMG_20131204_220843.jpg wpid-IMG_20131204_220854.jpg wpid-IMG_20131204_220903.jpg

Last night I retrieved the first chassis printout and did a test assembly with the parts that have arrived.  It looks good!

The axle distance is perfect, the chunks I carved out for the pi are all the right sizes, and it looks bitchin.  The only negative was that the mount for the raspberry pi camera was slightly too small, but I managed to modify it enough to fit with some snips and needle files.  I’ll modify it slightly for the final print, including adding some LEDs for lighting up the area in front of the camera.

Next step is to print the top chassis (currently in progress) and design a PCB for power regulation and monitoring, motor control, and other IO.


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