The Afterparty

After a rather hectic weekend of hacking, talking and lots of idea making, I think I can say that the Spacewarming party was brilliant! With people coming from Leeds, Nottingham, and other places I cant remember to see the space and hack around with some things, there was a constant stream of new (and familiar) faces interested in the new space.


More hackers arrive

We also managed to finalise quite a few projects, and get some moving along. One of the very useful ones was DAS UBERCHARGER, a 10 port USB charging device. After Bob tried securing the power supply with hot glue (hint: it didnt work) and then using foam sticky bads, we promptly plugged all the phones we could grab hold of to test it.


Das Ubercharger

With that out of the way, Bob celebrated with a bottle of Club Mate… and discovered a way not to open it.


A Wrench… not a good choice.

After that, we got to work on the electric scooter we’ve had lying around for a while, and eventually built a motor controller for it. Theres still a lot left to do to it, like actually get a battery suitable, but that shouldnt take too much more work.


Motor Controller

We also ended up pimping it out with a rather loud horn that Bob had lying around, which should give the local trams a run for its money!



Ofcourse, many other things went on, and all the pictures from the event can be found here. Hope to see you all again!


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