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Space 3.0 Buildout Day 1

So, day one of the buildout. We concentrated on sealing up broken windows (hopefully short term until our double-glazing units are fitted!), putting the wood workshop back together, getting snackspace set up for sugar and [...]

Hackspace Reboot & Reopening

Hackspace Reopening & Reboot - Saturday 16th May from 1230 Hello Everyone! Assuming all the appointments we have booked in this week go to plan, the hackspace will have power returned this Friday, the 15th [...]

Hackspace Closed until mid-may.

As some of you know we have been working in the background to attempt to resolve the issues caused by the replacement of the electricity meter (the cause of the building works we've been clambering [...]

Project – Lil’ Buggers

We like to do occasional workshops at the Hackspace, so when MadLab asked us to make something ‘bug themed’ for a workshop, we jumped on it.  The first thought we had was to make up some bug-shaped PCBs with a circuit to flash LEDs, and run a soldering workshop.  When we found out the workshop was a […]

45 Minute Project – £4.10 XBMC Remote Receiver

I’m a big fan of XBMC, and have an Ouya running XBMC set up in my lounge, streaming from my NAS. I normally use XBMC remote on my phone for controlling it, but this gets annoying when the phone is on charge, or I’m using it for something else. I noticed that the majority of […]

New Robot – Electronics

Over the weekend I ordered the mainboard for the new robot. It contains an arduino, battery voltage monitoring, battery regulation and a pair of motor driver chips. It is designed to sit on top of a hardcase 5Ah LIPO, with short leads going into the b...

New Robot – Chassis Printed

Last night I retrieved the first chassis printout and did a test assembly with the parts that have arrived.  It looks good! The axle distance is perfect, the chunks I carved out for the pi are all the right sizes, and it looks bitchin.  The only negative was that the mount for the raspberry pi […]

New Robot – First Printed Parts

Before leaving the hackspace on saturday, I set the wheels and motor mounts for my robot printing, as I figured these parts probably wont change while I finish the rest of the design. Tonight, I cleaned up the printed parts, and did a test assembly of the track sets: They looked about right, so I […]

New Robot Teaser

Here is a teaser shot for my new rover robot, based around a raspberry pi and a massive lithium battery.  Fairly heavily inspired by Wlll’s ball collecting robot.  

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