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Joining Hackspace Manchester gets you 24/7 RFID-based access to the space,  a vote in board member elections, a say in running the space, and project storage within the space.

Once you have filled out the form above we’ll contact you directly using those details to pass on our bank details so you can set up a standing order. Once we receive the first payment, your membership will become active!

Membership Pricing

We now operate a Pay What You Can membership price. Pay any amount from £10 up per month to become a full Hackspace member. The recommended rate is £25 per month, but we understand not everyone will be able to afford this.


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  • We run a 'Pay what you can' Membership system. The recommended amount is £25, but any amount above £10 will be accepted.
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    We are able to send you an invoice as a receipt for your monthly membership payment.
    Please let us know by emailing if this is something you would like.
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