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We’re pleased that you’re interested in becoming a member of our Hackspace community.

Becoming a member is easy: Just fill out the form below.

After completion you’ll be required to confirm your email address/account – please check your inboxes for this.
Once complete, we’ll contact you directly using those details to pass on our bank details so you can set up a standing order and after we receive the first payment, your membership will become active!

Please note everyone in attendance is expected to abide by The Rules.

What does joining Hackspace Manchester get you?

All members get the following benefits

  • 24/7 RFID-based access to the space,
  • A vote in board member elections,
  • A say in running the space
  • Project storage within the space.
  • Access to tools, for example (but not limited to):
    • Laser Cutter
    • 3D Printer
    • Metal Turning Lathe
  • Access to community resources and equipment
  • Ability to run workshops/events (if desired)

Membership Pricing

We operate a Pay What You Can membership price.
Pay any amount from £10 per month to become a full Hackspace member.

The recommended rate is £25 per month, but we understand not everyone will be able to afford this.

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