Hackspace Manchester 2.0: Moving on up!


As you may have heard, we’ve recently been looking for a new space. I can confirm that as of today we have an agreement in place, and have signed contracts and things for a shiny new exciting space!

The rent is higher than our current rent, but we have managed to negotiate a scaled rent agreement for the first year, which set us in good stead for building out and increasing the membership numbers. We’ve signed a 3 year lease, so there’s lots of room for hacking things into and onto the space itself.

Best of all, its not a particularly difficult or far move, as the unit we’ve signed up for is directly above the current space!

It is accessed through the door at #42 (life, the universe and everything) , and we’re planning on putting in an expanded version of our rfid system for entry to the building, to allow all members access to the space all of the time.

We have a month of crossover time between the two spaces to do the move, so that should be easy enough. If someone wants to take charge of sorting out a moving day and logistics, be my guest!

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