Hackspace Reboot & Reopening

Hackspace Reopening & Reboot – Saturday 16th May from 1230

Hello Everyone!

Assuming all the appointments we have booked in this week go to plan, the hackspace will have power returned this Friday, the 15th of May.  We’re going to have a reboot day on Saturday to get everything back in place, get the space automation & entry system started up again and make the place all nice and organised.

We are going to concentrate on:

  • Moving round members storage / kitchen furniture to increase the amount of storage available.
  • Throwing away half the shit on the electronics wall.  Seriously most of it is rubbish
  • Sort the electronics tools and put them in labelled boxes.
  • Making explicitly marked areas for Scrap Metal / Wood / Plastic
  • Switching the lathe and laser cutter around to make room for the new laser cutter.
  • Improving the lighting in the Quiet Room
  • Sort underneith and bin most of the stuff under the right-hand wood workbench and mount the chop saw properly
  • Get kiosk set up and printing DO NOT HACK + Members Box stickers

We need people to help out with all this though, so if you have time, please come over on Saturday and help out, even if its just for a few hours.


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