Space 3.0 Buildout Day 1

So, day one of the buildout. We concentrated on sealing up broken windows (hopefully short term until our double-glazing units are fitted!), putting the wood workshop back together, getting snackspace set up for sugar and brews, and assembling the shelf units along the backwall.

Thanks to Ben, Greg, Bob, Fahad, Edd, Ruth and Richard for their help today.

The Workshop

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We’ve chucked together the ‘messy’ workshop (the one with all the power tools!) partially, to give us an area to mend and make bits of the space as we’re building out the rest of the room.



Snackspace is set up as a brew station, with the project-a-sketch laptop-bench acting as a phone charging / pocket-rubbish storage area.

The ‘Great Wall’


This chunk of wall is currently acting as temporary storage for things until we have the part of the space where they actually go assembled and the boxes can be sorted off there.



Theres still a lot to do!  Work party Day 2 will be happening on Thursday the 14th from 1pm-ish.

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